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Epson CX7400 / CX8400 / CX5000 / NX400 / NX415 / CX9400F continuous ink system REFILL PACK


Epson CX7400, CX8400, CX5000, NX400, NX415, CX9400F, CX9475F, WF 500, NX215, CX6000, CX7450, CX7000 Continuous Ink System REFILL KIT This is a Uni-Kit refill kit to replenish the ink in our Uni-Kit Continuous Ink System. This refill kit is equivalent to 8-9 cartridges PER COLOR! That is a total of about 40-45 cartridge yields all in this 1 refill kit! If you had to buy each cartridge separately, you could spend over $600 for original cartridge brands, or over $300 for compatible cartridge brands. This Uni-Kit refill kit is the perfect buy for high volume printers, at less than $50 this represents over 90% savings compared to buying new OEM cartridges! . Compatible cartridges are - Epson T0691/ T0692/ T0693/ T0694. Remember, the ink in this refill kit is UV resistant and matches the OEM quality in both quality and page yield.



  • Refills: 40 to 45
  • Formula: UV Resistant
Item #: 110-357-01