DuraFIRM Postal Red Fluorescent Bulk Ink

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Red Fluorescent Red Ink - Postal Approved. Postal Meter Fluorescent Red Ink. This ink matches the performance of the original Postal Machines ink. The New E700 uses ink quickly. This ink matches the performance of the original Pitney Bowes ink.

The 769-0 Cartridge holds about 3 ml of ink.

This supports the following cartridges and printers.

  • - Pitney Bowes postal machines
  • - Ascom/Hasler Inkjet postal machines
  • - NEOPOST Inkjet postal machines
  • - HP cartridge-based postal machines

Our postage ink is accepted by the U.S. Post Office and meets all requirements for scanning & absorption.

Stop using over priced, inadequate postal ink and start SAVING MONEY using the best ink for your postal machine. Ink that has the proper fluorescent qualities to meet USPS standards. And, you'll still save money. Compare our prices to what you've been paying and you'll be impressed!


Item #: 110-244-01 (60 ml)