We Need Your Empties

We Need Your Empty Cartridges

Our number one goal is to save you money. But we also love the fact that we and our customers all do our part by helping the environment. Did you know that the average printer cartridge takes 1000 years to decompose? Did you know that hundreds of millions of empty cartridges go into landfills every year? Refilling your cartridge not only saves you substantial amounts of money, but its also the best thing you can do for the environment.

Printer manufacturers are constantly releasing new printer and cartridge models, and it is our job to develop quality and affordable refill solutions for you to fill your cartridge, or to offer you a ready-filled remanufactured ink or toner cartridge.

In order to develop these refill products, we need the empties so we can run our tests on new ink or toner formulations, and develop easy to follow refill instructions.

Below you will find a list of printer / cartridge models that we are currently developing refill solutions for. If you have an OEM (original brand) empty cartridge for any of the printer models listed below, we would like to get it from you. Simply select the model that you are willing to send us the cartridge for, and you will be issued a prepaid shipping label for you to mail the cartridge to us. When we receive the cartridge, we will send you a $10 coupon for you to use towards any purchase from our website.


  1. Select the model from the list below that you have an empty cartridge for (must be an original brand cartridge, not a compatible brand)
  2. You will be issued a prepaid shipping label so you can mail the cartridge to us (drop the cartridge in the mail or hand it to your postman)
  3. When we receive the cartridge we will send you a $10 coupon for use towards any order on our web-store and valid for 6 months from date of issue


  1. The cartridge you send us must match the printer/cartridge model that you selected from our list of empties wanted
  2. You should only send ONE cartridge (if your printer accepts multiple cartridges, as is the case with color printers, you should choose and send only ONE cartridge, any color will do)
  3. The cartridge must be in good condition and must be an original brand cartridge (example: HP, Samsung, Canon, etc.) and not a compatible brand model
  4. You need to mail the cartridge out within 5 days
(email address to send you the prepaid shipping label)
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