This ensures that we meet our customers’ expectations and deliver the highest quality products. Our process sets us apart from our competitors. This is the essential key to our success and it’s what keeps our customers coming back.
Number One
All cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects and wear. Old ink or toner is evacuated and the cartridge is prepared for refilling. Cartridges or parts that don’t meet our quality standards are removed from the production line. Only the highest quality components make it through to the next step.
Number Two
Each cartridge that has met our quality standards is then professionally refilled with our patented formulas.
Number Three
Every cartridge that is refilled is first tested to ensure that it has been filled to equal or more capacity of the original. In some instances, we can refill cartridges up to 200% the capacity of the originals. The cartridge is then tested on a physical printer to ensure that it meets or exceeds our strict quality standards.
Only the highest quality cartridges make it through all 3 steps

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