July 1, 2009 (Easy Group News)

Sudhaus Inkjet has announced that it will cease to manufacture the popular Chip Red-Setter (CLI8 and PGI5 Canon Resetter) which was the first to market consumer-priced resetter to reset OEM Canon CLI8 and PGI5 chips. Easy Group LLC (Irwindale, CA) has purchased the last Sudhaus production batch available in the North American market and will thereby continue to make it available to its customers and dealers. “This is a great quality product which has generated significant demand by remanufacturers and end-user refillers of the popular Canon CLI-8 and PGI-5 cartridges," explains Dr. Dimitris Constantinou, founder and President of Easy Group. “Sudhaus was an innovator for our industry, and they deserve to be commended and remembered for their achievement with this product”.

The Red-Setter is available at lower prices than the market has seen before, beating out even lowest cost alternatives which have come to market in recent months.

Constantinou believes that in every market, the best money is made by those who are first to market and also those who are last on the market. “This is a great opportunity for our resellers. Although many companies may feel entitled to charging a higher price for an exclusive product, we are taking the opposite approach and are lowering the cost barriers in order for our resellers to be more profitable”.

Resetters for Canon CLI-221 / CLI-521 / PGI-520 / PGI-220 are in development.

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Canon CLI8 / PGI5 Resetter