January 2, 2007 (Greece Franchise News)

Athens, Greece - Ilias Xenos, the Business Development Manager for the Franchise Co. joined 123 Refills as a franchisee in the city of Vrilisia.

Ilias has more than 10 years experience in the development and management of retail chains, franchising and venture capital. His addition to the 123 Refills team is a testimony of his personal belief in the value that 123 Refills has to offer. As the Business Development Manager for the Franchise Co, one of the largest franchise companies in Greece, Ilias has been involved with the development of many franchise operations, including the inception of 123 Refills just 2 years ago.

123 Refills offers "comprehensive training to the franchisee in both technical and business administration. They are at the forefront of research and development in this industry, and their franchisees are very happy", Ilias lists as some of the reasons why he decided to join the company. "For all these reasons as well as the honesty and sincerity that I found with the proprietors, I decided to join the 123Refills family as a franchisee, while still remaining an active executive of the Franchise company".

Disclaimer: The Franchise Company has many franchise clients, including 123 Refills as well as other ink/toner refill chains. 123 Refills is very proud and honored to have Ilias as part of the team.