December 15, 2007 (123 Refills Product News)

In February 2007, Kodak announced that it was entering the Inkjet Printer market. The Kodak approach was very different to other OEM printer manufacturers who came before Kodak. Traditionally, inkjet printer manufacturers have marketed inexpensive printers with very costly cartridges. On a cost per ml basis, the price of ink usually tops $500 to $1000 per liter - that's more expensive than most vintage wines, and far more expensive than the most expensive perfumes. Kodak decided to buck the trend, entering the printer market with average priced printers, and "inexpensively" marketed ink cartridges. How "inexpensive" are the Kodak cartridges?

The OEM Kodak black cartridges retail for $10, but they only hold about 12ml worth of ink. That works out to around $800 per liter! That's not much cheaper than any other OEM manufacturers.

The OEM Kodak color cartridges retail for $15, these hold about 50ml worth of ink. That works out to around $300 per liter.

So when you average out the cost of Kodak black and color cartridges, you're looking to spend around $500 per liter. That is not cheap!

As of December 2007, 123 Refills released a refill / compatible solution for Kodak cartridges, and expects to save its customers about 40% compared to buying original Kodak inkjet cartridges.

To date, Kodak has released 3 printers that use the same inkjet cartridges: The Kodak Easyshare 5100, 5300 and 5500 series printers. The cartridges these printers use are the 1810829 color (also known as the #10 color), and the 1215581 black cartridge (also known as the #10 black). The Kodak printers range in price from $150 to $300 with the top of the range 5500 featuring a scanner, document feeder, fax and LCD display.