January 14, 2009 (123 Refills Expansion News)

Irwindale, CA - Easy Group LLC has increased its warehouse and office space capacity in the USA to accommodate a growing demand for its products and services. "We have experienced an increase in sales, predominantly at wholesale level, and as such have needed to increase our operational capacity to ensure timely and accurate fulfillment to our customers", asserts company President Dr. Dimitris Constantinou. Easy Group has added approximately 20% additional space to its existing capacity in the USA, primarily to its fulfillment department. "By providing new and innovative items such as ink and toner refill kits, continuous ink systems as well as cartridges, we offer a wider variety than most distributors or manufacturers in this industry", explains Dimitris. "We are in the business of working closely with our strategic partners to enhance their sales, operations and marketing, which in turn benefits us as well. We stock an inventory of over 3,000 SKU's, but our business model is to provide more than just products. We offer our printer/cartridge configurators and other web technologies to our resellers in order to enhance their sales conversion rates, and we put significant efforts in order to be first or early to market with aftermarket solutions for new printer models", concludes the company President.

Easy Group LLC is also the founding company of the 123 Refills brand, which has expanded from its inception as an online ink and toner store to a retail franchise concept with over 25 locations worldwide.