October 1, 2010 (123 Refills Greece News)

123 Refills Greece, which has exhibited strong growth since its inception and which has grown to over 30 franchised locations, has launched a dealer outlet licensing program to expand on the brand's reach throughout the country.

With a population of just over 10 million people in Greece, and an economic recession which has startled the country, there is strong demand for consumer and environmentally friendly ink and toner products that the chain offers to the market, and reaching a larger percentage of the country's market has been at the center of this new expansion plan.

The dealer outlet licensing program is targetted towards existing stationary / electronics stores that are willing to dedicate space in their establishments to a 123 Refills section, offering essentially the same products that a regular franchised location offers, without the refill services. Essentially, the dealer locations would offer "off the shelf" products by 123 Refills.